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Giuno B2B jewelry wholesale – your competent wholesaler for jewelry and accessories


It is often difficult for retailers to find a strong partner for purchasing jewelry and accessories. The quality is not right, the selection is too small or the prices are too high. Stop it now. We are Giuno: your competent jewelry wholesaler in the B2B sector. With us you get contemporary jewelry creations with high quality standards - at affordable prices.


Best quality for your customers


As an experienced B2B jewelry wholesaler, we know the requirements that your customers place on jewelry and accessories. They should be unique, high quality and modern – but not cost too much. With Giuno as your partner, you can meet this requirement. We only use exquisite materials of the best quality for our jewelry - for example pearls, glass crystal, natural stone, leather, stainless steel or impressive Swarovski elements. So that you can offer your customers unique jewelry creations, we manufacture many of our products by hand.


Nickel-free - because the health of your customers is important to us: Nickel allergy is considered the most common form of contact allergy. It is estimated that 15 to 20 percent of women and 4 percent of men are sensitive to nickel. For this reason, many people are specifically looking for nickel-free pieces of jewelry - and you can get them from us. We only use nickel-free materials to make our jewelry and accessories.


Large selection of B2B jewelry - so you can cater to every taste


Your customers’ tastes are just as diverse as our offering. In order to serve every customer, you need a diverse selection. This is what we can offer you. Our product range includes:

• Bracelet

• Chains

• Earrings

• Rings

• Accessories


Inexpensive costume jewelry or high-quality pieces with gold plating and Swarovski trim. Pieces of jewelry have many faces. Sometimes they are subtle and delicate, sometimes colorful and eye-catching. This depends entirely on the individual tastes of your customers. Do you need a diverse selection of jewelry and accessories to suit your customers' individual tastes? Then Giuno is the B2B jewelry wholesaler with whom you will delight your customers.


Sales accessories for retail: Do you also need accessories that make your display appear in the right light? You get that from us too. For example, we offer you ring or earring stands for individual pieces or a selection of different pieces of jewelry. This way you can tailor your offer exactly how your customers want to see it.

Jewelry in the B2B sector – your strong partner in 2023


Do you want to set new quality standards in your portfolio in order to meet the high requirements of your customers? Do you need a comprehensive offering to expand your customer base? Then Giuno is your strong jewelry wholesaler for resellers. Contact us now! We would be happy to make you an offer that suits your company.

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